Argentine footballer Lionel Messi scored his 109th goal as Argentina beat Canada

Argentine footballer Lionel Messi scored his 109th international goal and first of the tournament, helping defending champion Argentina beat Canada 2-0 on Tuesday night and into the Copa America final.

Argentine footballer Lionel Messi scored his 109th goal as Argentina beat Canada
Argentine footballer Lionel Messi scored his 109th goal as Argentina beat Canada

Messi has scored 28 goals in the last 25 matches for Argentina. At the same time, he is three short of the record by scoring 14 goals in the Copa America match. Overall, Argentine footballer Lionel Messi scored the 109th goal in Canada Vs Argentina, leading Canada to lose 2-0.

Footballer Messi is just one step away from becoming the only country to win three major titles with Argentina and Spain.

Argentine footballer Lionel Messi interview after win Canada

In a media interview on winning the Argentina vs Canada match, Messi said, “It is a madness to win. What did our team do in the Argentina vs Canada match? It matters a lot. Lionel Messi further said, “What is the Argentine national team doing? It is not a matter for you to think about. You just know that our team has won the title by defeating Canada.”

Argentine footballer Messi said after the victory over Canada that we have made it to the final match of Copa America. This was not a final match that we are so happy about. Our fight has just begun. We have to win the title of Copa America final match. Our team should start dreaming of winning the Copa America final match from now itself.

Argentine vs Canada Copa America match overview

In the Argentina vs Canada match, Julian Alvarez put the Albiceleste player forward in the 22nd minute. Which helped in stopping the Canadian players. After that footballer Rodrigo de Paul controlled a long shot and hit a perfect goal. Then Messi took two touches to avoid a Canadian player Moise Bombito. Both these goals passed between the goalkeeper’s legs.

Argentina vs Canada match has been very bad for the Canadian goalkeeper. Because most of the goals were scored by the ball slipping between the legs of goalkeeper Maxime Crepeau.

Argentina vs Canada Copa America Match Highlights

Argentine footballer Messi scored the first goal from a distance of 4 yards in the 51st minute of the match. Messi dodged the Canadian goal keeper for the first goal. Seeing the bad smile on Crepeau’s face, player Lionel Messi scored the first goal by deflecting Enzo Fernandez’s shot.

Let me tell you that Lionel Messi has scored 28 goals in his last 25 matches for the country of Argentina and has scored 14 goals in the Copa America, which is three less than the record. He has made a record of a total of 109 goals against 38 different countries. However, Messi has not been able to break the global record yet. The record for scoring goals in football is currently held by Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi in Argentina vs Canada match

Portugal’s famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 130 goals so far. Messi is still 21 goals behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal record. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo has more international goal records than Lionel Messi. Since Cristiano Ronaldo turned 37 on June 24. Thus, Cristiano Ronaldo is older than Messi.

Although Messi has definitely broken the record of Iran’s famous football player Ali Daei, but this will become a matter of controversy. Since player Ali Daei played international football matches from 1993 to 2006. During this time, football player Ali Daei scored 108 or 109 goals.

There is controversy over this too because whether the goal scored against Ecuador in the final match of 2000 was scored in the entire international match or not is a matter of investigation.

It was Argentina’s Independence Day as well. Lionel Messi has appealed to the people of Argentina to celebrate their Independence Day with a victory. Today, Argentina has extended its undefeated streak to 10 matches. Now in the next match, i.e. on Sunday, the match will be held in Miami Gardens, Florida.

In which, playing against Uruguay or Colombia, Messi will try with the Argentina team to win the Albiceleste record i.e. 16th Copa title.

Lionel Messi Motivate team for World Cup Copa America Championship

Messi said to energize his team that “we should enjoy every moment of what we are living.” “I know this is going to be the last battle.” So all our team should keep working hard.

Now talking about the strategy ahead, Lionel Messi said that Argentina had tried a lot to win the Copa America title around the 2022 World Cup Championship, but was unsuccessful. This time it should not happen. Messi said that we are trying to win this Copa America title at every cost. However, Argentina hopes that it will be able to equal Spain’s feat of winning the 2008 and 2012 European Championships and the 2010 World Cup.

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