Job offer to 7 lakh Indian Students in Germany (7 लाख भारतीय छात्रों को जॉब)

Indian Students in Germany: 7 lakh Indian students are going to get job offers in Germany’s tech industries. Because 7 lakh seats are lying vacant in Germany’s tech industries. To fill this, Germany Tech Industries has contacted the Indian Government.

The whole world is recognizing the prowess of Indian skilled artisans. Indian students studying abroad have also made their presence felt in it. Indian students have made a mark not only in Germany, but also in America, Portugal, Greece, United Kingdom, Britain and Australia.

Number of Indian students in Germany

The number of foreign students studying in Germany is up to 150 lakhs. Which about 42 thousand Indian students are getting an education. Chinese students are in second place. The number of Chinese students is about 39 thousand.

This clearly shows that the German government trusts Indian students more. This is the reason why Germany is relaxing the Golden Visa program. Germany has created a special express entry scheme for Indian students. So that maximum number of Indians can reach every company in Germany.

The Subjects of Indian Students in Germany?

Indian students in Germany are most interested in subjects like Robot Science, Nano Technology, Industrial Engineering, and Maths. Subjects are also divided within these subjects. For example, seven departments are divided separately in Nano Science.

German government’s stand on the increasing number of Indian students in Germany?

The German government has launched a “Make it in Germany” campaign. Under the “Make it in Germany” campaign, more than 70 lakh jobs will be given to Indians in the next 10 years. In this sequence, according to the report of the German Economic Ministry, Germany’s tech industries are going to give jobs to 7 lakh Indians this year. This is a golden opportunity for those who earn money by going abroad. Which no Indian student should miss.

Why is the German government focusing on Indian students?

Only half of Germany’s population is still capable of working. All of them have become old. The average age of working people in Germany is crossing 50 years. Due to this, there is a shortage of labour resources. To meet this shortage of labour resources, Germany is turning to India. There are two more reasons behind this. The first reason is the trust built by Indians in Germany. And the second reason is that the whole world is recognizing the efficiency of the Indian people.

Job offer to 7 lakh Indian Students in Germany 7 लाख भारतीय छात्रों को जॉब 3

Indian students will fill the workforce shortage in Germany. I am hopeful of this. German Academic Exchange spokesperson Michael Flack says that the average age of Indian students studying in Germany is 25 years. These students will replace Germany’s ageing workforce. In the next ten years, Indian students will dominate most of Germany’s tech companies.

The working hours for Indian students in Germany have been doubled. Now they will have to work 20 hours a week. Indian students will be paid Rs 1500 for working one hour. Also, any Indian student can do academic part-time work in the department of his college or university. This includes research and data collection work. For this work also Indian students will get Rs 1500 per hour of work. Working hours will be decided by the university.

The processing time for Express Entry applications for entry of Indian students through Tech, Medico, and Professional routes will be reduced from 4 months to 2 months.

Faq For Indian Students in Jarmani
Is there a Golden Visa available in Germany?

A golden visa is not available in Germany. Germany does not give any golden visas like Greece and Portugal. Germany is giving visas to Indian students under the Express Entry Scheme. But you can reside in Germany through capital investment. You can get German citizenship by investing capital.

Is Germany a better place than Greece or Portugal?

It cannot be said. Because all three places have their speciality. Germany is a very good place for studies and employment. Whereas Greece and Portugal are good places for travelling and fun and romance. People go to Germany to earn money. Whereas people go to Portugal and Greece to waste money.


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