Greece Investment Visa: A Lucrative Path to Enter Greece in 2024

Greece Golden Visa or Greece Investment Visa is an excellent visa program that gives residence permits to people who invest in the Greek economy. We are giving complete information in detail about how to get this visa.

Greece Investment Visa A Lucrative Path to Enter Greece in 2024
Greece Investment Visa A Lucrative Path to Enter Greece in 2024

Greece Golden Visa, also known as the Greece investment visa, is an excellent path for people looking to enter or live in the Greek. It is a residency-by-investment program developed to attract foreign investors to the Greek economy in return for Residency in Greece.

People with high incomes always look for ways to apply for this visa. This blog is ideal for those people because we will reveal an in-depth guide to Greece residency by investment.  In addition, we will cover extra information helpful for applying for this visa.

Greece Investment Visa & Golden Visa – Overview

The Greece Golden Visa is a Residency by Investment (RBI) that gives non-European Union (EU) citizens the chance to obtain a five-year residence permit in Greece. This permit lets investors and their families live, work, and study in Greece, with the possibility of extending it indefinitely.

Benefits of Greece Golden Visa or Greece Investment Visa

With the help of the Greece Golden Visa, you can get access to uncountable benefits. The following are the top Greece golden visa benefits:

  1. The visa will direct to the path to Greek citizenship. Foreign nationals can obtain citizenship if they spend a minimum of 183 days per year in the country for seven years.
  2. Through the Greece Golden Visa program, apart from you, your spouse, children under 21 years, and dependant parents can become Greece residents. 
  3. You and your family can also access high-quality education and healthcare services in this country. 
  4. With an appreciating real estate market, you can resell your property after obtaining citizenship or seven years.

Who is eligible for the Greece Investment Visa & Golden Visa?

Indeed, not all foreigners are eligible for the Greece Golden Visa. The people who are eligible for this visa are:

  1. Investors who have made a required investment for this visa program. 
  2. Spouse or partner
  3. Investor’s children under the age of 24
  4. Spouse children 
  5. Parents

In short, a family member must need to invest the required amount to make himself or herself and other family members eligible for this visa. 

Investment options for Greece Golden Visa

Greece has nine investment options for obtaining a residence permit through residence by investment. The following are the investment options available for Greece Golden Visa:

  1. Real estate purchase – EUR 250,000+ (EUR 500,000+ in the central, northern, and southern parts of Athens, the southern suburbs of Athens, Thessaloniki,  and the islands of Santorini and Mykonos.)
  2. 10-year lease of tourist accommodation – EUR 250000+
  3. Getting real estate as a gift or inheritance – EUR 250000+
  4. Timeshare for tourist accommodations – EUR 250000+
  5. Purchase of shares in mutual or alternative investment funds – EUR 350000+
  6. Opening a fixed-term deposit – EUR 500000+
  7. Purchase of government bonds – EUR 500000+
  8. Purchase of corporate and government bond listing for trading – EUR 800000+

To obtain the Greece Golden Visa, you must invest in any of the above-mentioned options. 

Greece Investment Visa A Lucrative Path to Enter Greece in 2024
Greece Investment Visa A Lucrative Path to Enter Greece in 2024

Process to obtain greece investment visa or Greece Golden Visa

Following the right path to get the Greece Golden Visa is essential. The following is the list of steps to get a greece investment visa or Golden visa:

  1. Initially, you should choose a reliable investment option from the investment options listed in the previous section. 
  2. Once selecting the appropriate investment option, you have to gather funds to invest in your chosen options for the Greece Golden Visa.
  3. After making all the investments, you must prepare all the required documents with the help of a visa lawyer and present them to apply for this visa. Plus, at this stage, you must ensure every document is in order and up-to-date.
  4. After gathering funds and documents, you should submit the application to the Greek Authority.
  5. Done! You can now enjoy Greek residency and property for the upcoming seven years. 

Conclusion greece investment visa or Greece Golden Visa

Greece Golden Visa, also popular as the greece investment visa, is a perfect path for people looking to reside in Greece. We have tried to guide you to a lucrative path to visit Greece. We hope our article helped you obtain this visa.

FAQ for greece investment visa or Greece Golden Visa
Q. What is the least investment in Greece for citizenship?

Ans. EUR 250,000 is the minimum investment in Greece for Citizenship. 

Q. Can I purchase property in Greece and get residency?

Ans. Yes, you can get residence in Greece by buying a property of at least $250,000.

Q. How can I obtain Greek citizenship fast?

Ans. Americans of Greece can enjoy faster citizenship approval.

Q. What is the Golden Visa for Greece?

Ans. Greece Golden visa grants five years of resident permits in exchange for as low as EUR 250,000 investment.  

Q. Can I get Greece nationality?

Ans. If one of your parents is a Greece citizen, you already qualify for Greece Citizenship. 

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