How Can Green Card Holders Apply For US Citizenship in 2024?

You can apply for US citizenship if you have a green card after at least 5 years of residence in the US. Read on to learn how to Apply For US Citizenship green card holders.

How Can Green Card Holders Apply For US Citizenship in 2024 (2)
How Can Green Card Holders Apply For US Citizenship in 2024

Apply for US Citizenship: Several people have a dream to live in the USA. However, obtaining a Green Card is considered an excellent gateway to living in this country. Still,  the green card has some limited rights and cons. The biggest con of a green card is that it does not give complete right to US citizenship.

If you want to obtain the complete right of the US citizenship, then you should apply for us citizenship green card holder.  Today, we will explore a complete guide to obtaining US citizenship after getting a green card.

Apply For US Citizenship: Eligibility Criteria

There are a few eligibility requirements that you must fulfil to obtain US citizenship after a green card. Below is the list of eligibility requirements to  get the US citizenship:

  1. When you submit N-400, Application for Naturalization, your age should be 18 or more years old.
  2. Before the date you file the N-400 application, you should represent continuous residence in the US for at least five years.
  3. Represent you have been a lawfully admitted permanent resident or green card of the US for at least five years;
  4. You must have been physically present in the US for 30 months out of the 5 years before filing Form N-400.
  5. You must know and understand the fundamental history, the principles, and the form of government,  of the US, (civic). 
  6. Proof you have lived for three months minimum in a state or USCIS district having jurisdiction over your resident place.  
  7. Show an attachment to the principle and the US Constitution ideals. 
  8. Take an oath of fidelity to the US
  9. Can read, write, and speak basic English.
  10. Show that you are a human of good moral character for a minimum of five years immediately before the date you file Form N-400

If you are still unsure about your eligibility for US citizenship, consult a US immigration lawyer.

Method to apply for US citizenship after obtaining a Green card

How Can Green Card Holders Apply For US Citizenship in 2024

Naturalization is the only way to apply for us citizenship green card holder. Under the immigration law and the Immigration and Nationality Act of the US, there are several steps to apply for US citizenship after a Green Card. The following are steps to apply for the US citizenship through naturalization:

1. Naturalization application 

Permanent residents with a US green card thinking of changing their immigration status and becoming US citizens must file an N-400 form, an application for naturalization. You can file the form N-400 application file online or mail it to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

2. Biometric appointment

If you must take biometrics, USCIS will send you an appointment notice that involves your biometric appointment date, time, and location. You must visit the designated venue at a scheduled time.  Lastly, you should submit your biometrics. 

3. Complete the interview

Once all the preliminary processes are complete, USCIS will schedule an interview to complete the naturalization process over a year. Depending on how long the USCIS field office takes to process your application, you must wait.

During the citizenship interview, you must take the English and Civic test as part of the naturalization process. If you pass the exam and the interview, the official will approve your application to become a US citizen.  In a few cases, they may ask for other documents or schedule another date for a second interview.

In case, you fail the exam. You will get a denial letter with the reason for the denial. Still, you can appeal the decision or reapply within 30 days. At this point, you should book us immigration lawyer free consultation.

4.Take oath 

Lastly, you should attend the oath, after which you will become a citizen of the US.   The USCIS will send the notice, including the date, time, and venue for the oath. Once the oath has been taken, the USCIS will give you a certificate of naturalization.


After a US green card, US citizenship is an ideal way to reside. Before applying for it, you should ensure you are eligible for it. However, you must follow numerous steps to become a US citizen after a green card. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q. How soon can a green card holder apply for citizenship?

Ans. Green card holders may apply for US citizenship after 5 years.

Q. How do you get citizenship in the USA for Indians?

Ans. To be eligible for naturalization, one must fulfill certain requirements outlined in the INA.  The requirements include being a lawful permanent resident for at least 5 years.

Q. Does marrying an American guarantee citizenship?

Ans. Marrying an American does not automatically guarantee US citizenship. 

Q. Who is eligible for the US citizenship?

Ans. A person who meets the US citizenship eligibility requirement is eligible.

Q. What is the fastest method to apply for US citizenship?

Ans. Naturalized by Marriage is the fastest route to apply for US citizenship. 

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