Best Path for Portugal’s Golden Visa to Citizenship in 2024

Portugal’s Golden Visa: There are numerous ways to obtain Portuguese citizenship. But the Portugal Golden visa is among the best path to get this citizenship. Keep reading to know the complete guide to Portugal’s Golden Visa to Citizenship.

The Best Path for Portugal's Golden Visa to Citizenship in 2024
The Best Path for Portugal’s Golden Visa to Citizenship in 2024

From port wine to soccer superstar, Christiano Ronaldo, Portugal is a country famous for numerous reasons. But the Portugal Golden Visa is the thing that sits on the top of popular things in this country because it lets expats reside in Portugal for a certain period. In addition, it is also a path that can help you to obtain the Portugal citizenship. Here, we will guide you from Portugal’s Golden Visa to Citizenship.

Portugal’s Golden Visa – Overview

Portugal Golden Visa is a residency by investment program that lets non-EU obtain a golden visa. It means that you must invest in Portugal’s economy for this visa. With the help of this visa, non-EU you can live in this country for a minimum of five years. Moreover, you can acquire Portugal’s citizenship through this visa because this is considered a road from Portugal’s Golden Visa to Citizenship.

What are the benefits of getting a Portugal Golden Visa?

Best Path for Portugals Golden Visa to Citizenship in 2024 3

From getting the  to Citizenship, you can enjoy countless benefits for yourself and your family. Below is the list of the top advantages that you can obtain with the Portugal Golden Visa:

  1. The Portugal Golden Visa will let you obtain the right to live, work, and study in Portugal.
  2. You can enjoy visa-free access to Schengen countries.
  3. You can become a Portugal citizen in five to seven years. 
  4. You can enjoy a low physical presence requirement, which means you are not required to stay in this country for a long time if you want to maintain your golden visa. 
  5. You can access international quality healthcare services. 

Investment Options for the Portugal Golden Visa

As we discussed above, the Portugal Golden Visa is a residency-by-investment program, which means that you must make a significant investment to obtain this visa. The following is the list of investment options available for this visa: 

The Best Path for Portugal's Golden Visa to Citizenship in 2024
The Best Path for Portugal’s Golden Visa to Citizenship in 2024
  1. Research and development – You can invest EUR 500,000 in any public or private research institute in Portugal. 
  2. Investment funds: You should invest a minimum of EUR 500,000 in any qualifying funds. 
  3. Cultural heritage donation:  You should donate EUR 250,000 (EUR 200,000 in lower-density areas) to preserve heritage culture. 
  4. Company investment: You should invest EUR 200,000 in an existing business in Portugal, where the company must create at least 10 jobs.

What is the path for Portugal’s Golden Visa to Citizenship?

To get the Portugal citizenship, in most cases, you must obtain the Portugal Golden Visa. after obtaining the Golden Visa, you can move forward to obtain Portugal citizenship. The following are the steps that you need to follow on the path from getting the Portugal Golden Visa to Citizenship:

  1. Initially, you should make a significant investment in the investment type that you have chosen.  
  2. Next, you should gather the documents of yourself plus your family members.
  3. After gathering the required documents,  you should obtain NIF and open a bank account in any bank in Portugal.
  4. Next, you should pay the investment that you have selected and lock in the investment. 
  5. With your investment proof and the required paperwork, you should submit your pre-application to the SEF.
  6. After analyzing your application, the SEF  will give a date for a biometric appointment. On that date,  you and your dependants should attend the appointment to submit your biometric data.
  7. Now, you will obtain your Portugal Golden Visa card. 

After five years and two renewals, you will be eligible for the Portugal Citizenship. This time application approvals for citizenship will typically take six months to one year. Once you get citizenship, you will no longer need to hold the investment because here the path from the Portugal Golden Visa to Citizenship will end.


Portugal Golden Visa is an excellent key that lets you enter Portugal. However, you can also enter into the path to obtain the Portugal citizenship through this visa. We have tried to cover the full path from Portugal Golden Visa to Citizenship.

The Best Path for Portugal's Golden Visa to Citizenship in 2024
The Best Path for Portugal’s Golden Visa to Citizenship in 2024

Frequently Asked Question

 What is the pathway to citizenship in Portugal?
  • You were born in Portugal
  • You are married to a Portuguese person. 
  • Your parent or grandparent is Portuguese.
  • You have legally lived in Portugal for at least five years.
1. How fast can you get Portuguese citizenship?

After living legally in Portugal. 

2. What is the quickest way to get Portuguese citizenship?

The fastest way to get Portuguese citizenship is through parents or grandparents.

3. Which European country gives the fastest citizenship?


4. How strong is a Portugal passport?

It stands at fifth position on the Guide Passport Index. 

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