Portugal Golden Visa Investment Program in 2024

This year, the Portugal Golden Visa Investment Program experienced major revisions. The Portuguese Parliament introduced amendments that altered both the eligibility requirements and the investment options available.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Program 2024, Golden Visa Investment Overview
Portugal Golden Visa Investment Program 2024,

One of the most significant changes, effective from October 2023, was removing property investment as a qualifying option. Instead, the program now focuses on other types of investments, such as contributing to investment funds or funding scientific research initiatives.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Program Overview

Introduced in 2012, this pioneering visa program has been instrumental in popularising the concept, inspiring similar programs in Spain and Greece.

Over the years, it has boosted the Portuguese economy by captivating more than €6 billion in investments. Besides, Portugal’s Golden Visa Program has become the top-notch investor’s choice due to its several benefits

La Vida is a leading consultancy that has helped thousands of people with the Golden Visa. You can also get Golden Visa assistance by visiting La Vida’s official website (www.goldenvisas.com). La Vida has helped thousands of investors from over 150 countries. The Portugal Golden Visa offers non-EU investors a direct route to residency, officially known as a Residence Permit for Investment Activity.

. The program underwent updates in 2024 to simplify the application process and clarify requirements, ensuring its continued competitiveness and appeal.The revised regulations aim to streamline the process, with residency waiting time now counting towards citizenship eligibility.

Portugal Golden Visa Risks

Here are some risks that come with the Portugal Golden Visa

Sometimes, the processing of a Golden Visa is delayed.

  • It is believed that Portugal’s Golden Visa is related to illicit activities.
  • The Golden Visa program leads to reducing revenue that raised concerns among investors about its overall economic impact.

 Portugal Golden Visa Application Form Official Apply Link

Portugal Application Form for Golden Visa or National Visa PDF Formats

You need to submit some necessary document if you’re interested in applying for the Golden Visa:

  1. Application Form Apply Online (Click Here
  2. Passport
  3. Passport Photos
  4. Insurance Contract
  5. Notary Certificates
  6. Property Purchase
  7. Certificate of Encumbrance
  8. Proof of Transfer Registration
  9. Planning Permission.

  If you don’t want to be delayed through the entire process while applying for a Golden visa, then you should adhere to the following guidelines provided by Greek authorities. One should spend around €10,000 in fees. Remember, the Golden Visa is relatively expensive compared to other visas

Portugal Golden Visa to Citizenship

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Program 2024, Golden Visa Investment Overview
Portugal Golden Visa Investment Program 2024

After five years of legal residency, Golden Visa holders can apply for Portuguese citizenship. The law requires a clear criminal record, basic Portuguese language skills, and demonstrated ties to the community.

Successful citizenship grants:

  • An EU passport, allowing freedom to live, work, and travel across the EU
  • Citizenship rights for family members and future generations

The process involves:

  • Submitting an application to the Portuguese Registry Office
  • Providing proof of sustained investment
  • Demonstrating Portuguese proficiency
  • Submitting a personal statement about ties to Portugal

Achieving Portuguese citizenship formalizes the applicant’s bond with the country and completes the Golden Visa journey, opening new economic, cultural, and political opportunities.

Greece Golden Visa Total Cost

Want to get residency via investment? Go for a Greece Golden Visa Program. This program was launched a decade ago. It is for non-EU/EEA nationals. This program offers investors and their families permanent residency.

Applicant costs at least €500,000 in real estate to become eligible. However, no direct citizen is offered through investments only. After seven years you’ll be able to apply for Greek citizenship. Besides, you must be proficient in speaking Greek language.

Recent updates effective from May 2024 have raised the program’s minimum investment to €400,000, with an option to still apply under the previous threshold if specific conditions are met.

Greece Golden Visa Application Form (Golden Visa Apply Online) 

To initiate your Greece Golden Visa application, follow these essential steps and gather the required documents:

  1. Application Form Apply online (Click Here) 
  2. Passport and Photos
  3. Civil Status Documents
  4. Proof of Paid Fees
  5. Medical Certificate
  6. Financial Means

FAQs for Portugal Golden Visa Investment

Q. 1. Do you think that the Portugal Golden Visa is Ending?

It is reported that the Portugal Golden Visa is not ending. However, last year in October, a lot of amendments were made regarding the types of investments eligible for the program.

Q. 2. What Investment Options Are Available?

Want to obtain a Portugal Golden Visa, you must look out a few places like:

  1. Fund Shares
  2. Business Ventures
  3. Cultural and Scientific Projects

Q. 3. What  Features does Golden Visa Program Have?

Features of Golden Visa Program are:

  1. Affordable Investment Options
  2. Minimum Investment Requirements
  3. Residency Requirements
  4. Family Inclusion
  5. Pathway to Citizenship
  6. Visa Exemption

Q. What Investment Funds do you need to qualify for the Golden Visa?

Investment funds that are needed to qualify for the Golden Visa include. venture capital funds, cultural funds, and more. 

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