Power of Tesla’s Electric Cars 2024

Tesla’s electric cars: Other cars are no match for Tesla’s electric cars. This is understood after driving a Tesla electric car. Tesla’s electric car has an automatic, driverless facility with many security features. You will not find these in any other car. This is the reason why it is difficult for any other car to stand in front of a Tesla electric car.

Comparison of the power of Tesla's electric cars with other electric cars

Now the question arises as to why Tesla is so strong. So to know this, we have to know the thinking of Tesla’s founder Elon Musk. Tesla’s founder Elon Musk is a person who lives a traditional life. Also, Elon Musk is a nature lover. Due to this Elon Musk always had an idea in his mind. A car should be made That is the safest for humans and nature.

The biggest enemy of nature is pollution. Pollution of nature is very harmful to humans. Therefore, the founder of Tesla Electric Car made electric cars out of petrol and diesel Which do not pollute nature.

Comparison of the power of Tesla’s electric cars with other electric cars

Tesla’s electric cars are important for the safety of the passengers. Tesla is self-driving. If you are travelling in a Tesla electric car, then the risk of any accident will be low. Tesla electric cars are equipped with sensors. The sensors of Tesla cars secure the passengers before any accident. Let us tell you another mysterious thing about the Tesla electric car this car can never be stolen.

Tesla’s electric car is controlled by your cell phone. If someone steals your car, you can find and bring back the car directly on your mobile phone. The car can be controlled by electronic remote and mobile. Tesla’s electric car can go anywhere without a driver by connecting to the satellite and its control system.

The early days of the Tesla’s electric car

Elon Musk thought a lot before launching the Tesla electric car in the early days. After consulting many people, Elon Musk decide the launch a strong, safe and expensive car in the market. First of all, Tesla launched the first car “Tesla Roadster” in the market. Elon Musk has stated on his website (www.ir.tesla.com) that about 2,500 units of “Tesla Roadster” were sold before production ended in January 2012. Let us tell you, this achievement of Tesla proved to be an important milestone despite being minor compared to giant companies like General Motors.

After the success of Elon Musk’s “Tesla Roadster” electric car, many decisions were taken to capture the market. Elon Musk started working on three point directions.

  1. Tesla’s electric cars should reach the customers directly.
  2. Tesla company should have direct contact and service with the customers of Tesla’s electric cars.
  3. There should be charging stations on a large scale in the entire road network for Tesla’s electric cars.

The most favorite car of people among the cars of Tesla company is “Tesla Model 3”. The interior and exterior design of “Tesla Model 3” captivates the customers just by looking at it. You will be surprised to know about the interior and exterior designs of “Tesla Model 3”.

Comparison of the power of Tesla's electric cars with other electric cars

How is the interior design of “Tesla Model 3”?

Nano technology 3D Digital design has been used to make the dashboard and door panels of Tesla 3 Model. It has lighting to create a wraparound and color-selectable environment with new fabric trim. It has optional two-tone interior seats and door panel covers made of white faux leather. The new rear seat provides better cushioning and better backrest angle for better comfort.

An 8.0-inch rear touchscreen is installed inside the Tesla 3 Model. This rear touchscreen easily displays most of the functions of the front screen, including climate control, radio and gaming. The steering wheel now has touch-sensitive buttons for turn signals and cruise control, with shifting done by swiping on the central screen or using a backup touch-sensitive shifter on the roof.

How is the exterior design of “Tesla Model 3”?

The front of the Tesla Model 3 features new pinched headlights and a reshaped lower grille. The old “mustache” dimples have been removed, as well as the fog lights and aero slits, resulting in a sleeker looking Tesla 3 Model. The redesigned, lower nose for the Tesla 3 Model doubles down on aerodynamic efficiency. The thin headlights have a stylish swooshing accent on the bottom and side of the housing, giving the Model 3 a sharper look.

The new body panels of the Tesla 3 Model greatly reduce wind noise due to improved aerodynamics, tighter gaps. All windows of the Tesla 3 Model use acoustic glass. The rear design includes new taillights, a new lower bumper with an updated rear spoiler, with every rear panel different from the legacy model.

Q. 1. What makes Tesla’s Electric Car different from other EVs?

Answer: Tesla’s Electric cars have tried their best to protect nature along with passenger safety. This feature is not available in any other electric car. This is the reason that makes Tesla’s Electric cars different from other EVs.

Q. 2. How much tesla’s electric cars price in india?

Answer: The price of Tesla’s electric cars “Tesla Model 3” in India is Rs 70 lakh. However, currently the Indian government has imposed 100 percent GST on Tesla cars. Due to which the price of Tesla Model 3 will reach around Rs 1 crore 40 lakh.

Q. 3. Which is the cheapest car of Tesla?

Answer:  The cheapest car of Tesla is “Tesla Model 3”. Its price is Rs. 1 crore 40 lakh in India and Rs. 70 lakh in America.

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