5 Benefits of Invest Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa: Rich people from developing countries want to invest their capital in Portugal by taking a Golden Visa from Portugal. Portugal Golden Visa has five benefits that are drawing them to Portugal. Portugal has been running the Portugal Golden Visa program since 2012 to increase its capital investment. It has led to an investment of more than €6.0 billion in the Portuguese economy.

5 Benefits of Portugal Golden Visa Investors
5 Benefits of Portugal Golden Visa Investors

Due to increased investment in Portugal’s economy, Greece and Spain also started the Golden Visa program. Portugal’s Golden Visa Invest Scheme became the most popular throughout Europe. Due to this scheme, Portugal is attracting investors from all countries. Therefore, there are five main reasons behind this. That is why Portugal’s Golden Visa is given so much importance.

5 Benefits of Portugal Golden Visa Investors

The first advantage of getting a Golden Visa in Portugal is that you will be able to get citizenship there. Portugal has a rule that a person who is on a Portugal Golden Visa stays here for five years. He can take Portuguese citizenship. You will get many benefits by getting Portuguese citizenship. Let us tell you that Portugal is a country falling in the category of Tier-1 country.

Another advantage of getting a Portugal Golden Visa is that you do not need a third visa or passport to travel across Europe. The rule of European countries is that you can travel throughout Europe on a visa from any country within the European Union.

The European Union rules any country that is a member of the European Union. On its Golden Visa passport, you can travel, do business or do any other work anywhere in Europe without any fear. Since Portuguese citizenship gives full rights to live, work and study anywhere in the European Union.

Portugal Golden Visa Total Cost

Let us tell you that a total of 27 countries are included in the European Union. In which there is a population of approximately 741,651,866 crores. By taking the Portugal Golden Visa, you get the benefit of doing business among these 27 countries with a population of 741,651,866 crores. This increases your business capacity by 27 times.

5 Benefits of Portugal Golden Visa Investors
5 Benefits of Portugal Golden Visa Investors

The third advantage of obtaining a Portugal Golden Visa is its value for money. The value of Portugal’s Euro is approximately 90 times more than the Indian Rupee. For example, if you do any business while living in India, you will get 90 times less profit for the same hard work. Because the value of Portugal Euro is 90 times more.

The fourth advantage of getting a Portugal Golden Visa will be that you will not have to struggle to become a successful businessman like in India. Since Portugal is a member of the European Union. Due to which you get the benefit of doing business unhindered throughout Europe. Similarly, if you spend five years living in Portugal on a Golden Visa, you can apply for citizenship. Then here you get the fifth benefit.

If you are lucky you will get Portuguese citizenship. Since Portugal comes among the top countries of the Visa Index. Due to which you get visa free entry in 187 countries of the world. This way no one can stop you from becoming a successful businessman. Because you can expand your business by traveling all over the world without visa.

Q. 1. What needs to be done to apply for Portugal Golden Visa?

Ans. First of all you have to invest funds in Portugal. An investment of €500,000 in a venture capital fund within Portugal will receive a Golden Visa Residency Permit for any dependent children or family there. After that you can apply for Golden Visa. However there are other methods available for Golden Visa. You have to create employment opportunities or make charitable donations in Portugal. A huge amount will be collected from you in this charitable donation.

Q. 2. What is the government fee for Golden Visa?

Ans. The government fee for a Golden Visa in Portugal is €5000 euros for the first year. It has to be renewed every two years. In which €1500 has to be paid for renewal. However, some tax is also collected in this. This charges a fee of €6,394 per person in the first year after taxes. It has to be renewed every two years. On renewal you will have to pay €3488.

Q. 3. What is the eligibility for Golden Visa?

Ans.  Applicants for the Golden Visa will be required to open a Portuguese bank account in addition to the investment and fees. Applicants must not have any criminal record and must have full health insurance. Along with this, the applicant has to complete the biometrics and submit his application. For this the applicant has to take a trip to Portugal.

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