Portugal Golden Visa Total Cost for Indian Investor’s in 2024

Portugal Golden Visa  Total Cost is approximately €5,325 per person. This has to be paid once. The initial government application fee is just €550. You have to pay €80 at the time of renewal.

Portugal Golden Visa Total Cost for Indian Investor's in 2024
Portugal Golden Visa Total Cost for Indian Investor’s in 2024

This money has to be deposited to the Portuguese Government under the Golden Visa Scheme Total Cost. The Portuguese government runs on 100 % foreign investment. Therefore, a program like the Greece Golden Visa Scheme has been launched in Portugal also. We are also telling you about the Greece Golden Visa. So that you can easily understand about Portugal Golden Visa and Greece Golden Visa.

Greece & Portugal Golden Visa Special Benefits

Now in Greece, you have to choose three options to get a Golden Visa. You can easily get a Greece Golden Visa by investing in real estate. There are three different prices fixed on it. The first is €250,000, the second is €400,000, and the third is €800,000. Different facilities have been provided in all three types of Golden Visa. Its different categories have been created. There are many types of restrictions on the low-cost Golden Visa.

While all kinds of exemptions have been given in the Golden Visa of €800,000. In this Golden Visa, you have complete freedom to have fun, date and do other types of romance with hot girls on the beaches of Portugal. With this Golden Visa, you can do any kind of business there. Let us tell you that Portugal’s beach comes at number 3 out of the world’s number 1.

Why do people spend so much on Greece and Portugal Golden Visa?

Portugal Golden Visa Total Cost for Indian Investor's in 2024, Indians having fun after going to Portugal on Golden Visa

When the condition of Portugal and Greece was bad, the government of Portugal made a foreign investment policy. Portugal gave all kinds of concessions to bring the richest people in the world to their country. So that the rich people in the world come here and spend their money. Rich people have a habit of having fun. Rich people buy romance and fun by spending money. They will go wherever they get it.

The Portuguese government started the “Invest Portugal Golden Visa Program”. Later, due to the increased demand for the Portugal Golden Visa, its fees were also increased. With this, Portugal’s economic condition started improving. See the improvement in Portugal’s Economic condition. Greece also started the “Invest Portugal Golden Visa Program”. Due to this Greece’s economy improved within two years.

What is the attitude of Indian people towards Portugal Golden Visa?

There are many types of social restrictions in India. You cannot enjoy yourself freely due to social restrictions. To enjoy this, rich people go to Portugal. By going to Portugal on a Golden Visa, many types of romantic enjoyment are available there. Like having fun with hot girls wearing bikinis on Portugal beach. Spending money and taking them on a date. Taking many girls at the same time. All this is available with money.

There is another big reason for Indians to invest money in Portugal. Portugal’s Euro is strong compared to the Indian Rupee. Due to this, the money from there becomes much more when it comes here. If you want to invest money anywhere in India, you will have to save it from the goons of political parties. To save yourself from political goons, you have to pay a huge amount. Due to this, your money is lost.

Portugal Golden Visa Total Cost for Indian Investor's in 2024

There is no need to pay any kind of donation or extortion in Portugal. There is no risk of your money sinking in Portugal. Whereas in India it is difficult to say when you will become a victim of political parties. Here if any leader knows that you have a lot of money, he can snatch away all the money from you in the form of donation. All this does not happen in Portugal.

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