Breaking the Cycle of Loneliness and Aggression in Adolescent Under 14 Years age

The cycle of loneliness and aggression in adolescents under the age of 14. In teenagers under 14 years of age, aggression comes due to being alone. And when aggression occurs, the feeling of rape and crime becomes stronger in children. Today we are researching and presenting an article on this issue.

Breaking the Cycle of Loneliness and Aggression in Adolescent Under 14 Years age
Breaking the Cycle of Loneliness and Aggression in Adolescent Under 14 Years age

Nowadays, it is generally seen that parents are worried about their children, especially those children who are in adolescence. Their habits and behaviour are becoming the cause of problems for their parents. This is a situation where every parent is feeling helpless.


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What to do, who to tell? He is in this dilemma. The problems that children are facing mainly include loneliness, aggressiveness in behaviour, being constantly glued to mobile phones, lack of consistency in behaviour, etc.

When you carefully observe such symptoms in children, you will find that all the above symptoms are related to each other. You can say that all these things are connected. Everyone complements each other.

What is the main reason for the Cycle of Loneliness and Aggression in Adolescents?

But, I want to ask one thing from the parents only. Have they ever carefully considered what lies at the root of all this? What is the reason behind this behaviour of children? When you pay attention, you will find that the reason for this is not any external element but ourselves. We are guilty in almost 90% of the cases. For some reason, our behaviour towards him was not what he deserved.

We are criminals, but our ego as parents or guardians is not at all ready to accept this. We want to give an example here. When our children were little. We were busy because of our jobs. When the children needed our company, due to our busy schedules, we used to make them sit in front of the TV.

Now tell us how much understanding the children had at that age. What would they see on TV? Kids TV I used to remain silent while watching the colorful movement. In later days T.V. The mobile phone took its place. But, the children’s childhood was snatched away. Who is guilty? Are we not you? Just think.

What are the solutions to end Cycle of Loneliness and Aggression in Adolescent?

Breaking the Cycle of Loneliness and Aggression in Adolescent Under 14 Years age 2

Children got used to loneliness. He created his world. Started living in the cocoon made by him. Who is guilty? Of course we! Call it a compulsion, call it a necessity, whatever you call it, if a mistake has been made in upbringing then we will have to accept it. We have committed a criminal act.

We should be punished for this TV. Or we have engrossed ourselves so much in social media that we have no time for family and children. Hey, the character of children is like water. Pure and clean. Just as water finds its way, children also find it. Then why the problem? Why blame each other?

Today, when they have grown up, loneliness, being addicted to mobile, aggressiveness in behavior and lack of consistency in it have become an integral part of their behaviour. This is a type of psychological disorder. You might want to go to a psychiatrist for this.

Should also go. But, keep in mind that it is not a disease that the medicine can be taken and the disease will go away. Children are not psychopaths. Even psychiatrists do not have a cure for this. He can show you the way based on what he has read and the experiments done by various psychiatrists. But, you have to walk.

What is the duty of parents to eliminate Loneliness and Aggression in Adolescent?

Time has not passed yet. Give time to children, spend time with them. Be their friend. We have often heard our elders saying that when children’s feet start fitting into the elders’ shoes or children start coming close to your shoulder, then you should make friends with them.

When you become friends with children, you will feel the difference in their behaviour. I am repeating this. Your children are not psychopaths, nor are they sick. Hey, it’s you who is sick. They neither need a psychiatrist, nor the medicine of a psychiatrist, nor do they need a psychologist. They just need parents in the form of friends.

Them Let your childhood be lived to the fullest. Be a great friend to your children. Children will share all their things with you, even their intimacy. Why should they use others’ shoulders in times of trouble, when you are there? Help as a friend.

You will find that your children will never be separated from you. The disintegration of the joint family has already taken away a lot. Now the responsibility of taking care of whatever is left has fallen on us. Let us all together fulfill this responsibility very well, otherwise, how will we answer to the coming generations?

Breaking the Cycle of Loneliness and Aggression in Adolescent Under 14 Years age 2

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Some FAQ For Loneliness and Aggression in Adolescent

1. What are some common symptoms of loneliness in teenagers?

Ans. Loneliness in teens can manifest in a variety of ways, including withdrawing from social activities, spending excessive time alone, expressing feelings of isolation or sadness, and experiencing difficulty forming or maintaining friendships.

2. How can parents recognize if their child is experiencing loneliness?

Ans. Parents may notice changes in their child’s behavior, such as sudden mood changes, losing interest in activities they once enjoyed, or expressing feelings of loneliness or sadness. Additionally, observing their social interactions and paying attention to whether they seem disconnected or distant from peers may be a sign of loneliness.

3.. How can parents help their teen deal with loneliness?

Ans. Parents can support their teen by encouraging open communication, fostering positive social relationships, engaging in activities together as a family, seeking professional help if needed, and providing emotional validation and support.


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